Are CEREC Crowns Good for Molars?

When it comes to dental crowns, one of the most popular options available today is CEREC crowns. These crowns are known for their convenience and efficiency, as they can be created and placed in just one dental visit. But are CEREC crowns suitable for molars, which endure significant chewing forces? Let's explore the benefits and considerations of using CEREC crowns for molars.

Why Choose CEREC Crowns For Molars?

CEREC crowns are made using advanced CAD/CAM technology, which allows dentists to create custom crowns right in their office. This eliminates the need for messy impressions and temporary crowns, reducing the overall treatment time. While CEREC crowns are commonly used for front teeth, they can also be a viable option for molars.


One of the main advantages of CEREC crowns for molars is their durability. These crowns are made from high-quality ceramic materials that are known for their strength and longevity. They can withstand the forces of chewing and grinding, providing reliable protection for molars.

Precise Fit

Additionally, CEREC crowns offer a precise fit. With the help of digital scans and computer-aided design, dentists can create crowns that perfectly match the shape and size of the patient's tooth. This ensures a comfortable fit and minimizes the risk of complications or discomfort.

Aesthetic Appeal

Another benefit of CEREC crowns for molars is their aesthetic appeal. The ceramic material used in these crowns closely resembles natural teeth, providing a seamless and natural-looking restoration. This is particularly important for molars, as they are located at the back of the mouth and may be visible when smiling or talking.

Considerations for CEREC Crowns on Molars

However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when considering CEREC crowns for molars. Firstly, the size and extent of the tooth damage or decay play a role in determining the suitability of CEREC crowns. In cases where the damage is extensive or the tooth structure is compromised, alternative crown options may be more appropriate.

How Much Do CEREC Crowns Cost?

Additionally, the cost of CEREC crowns may be higher compared to traditional crowns. While the convenience and time-saving benefits are significant, it's essential to consider your budget and insurance coverage when deciding on the best option for your molars.

In conclusion, CEREC crowns can be a good choice for molars due to their durability, precise fit, and aesthetic appeal. They provide a convenient and efficient solution for restoring damaged or decayed molars in just one dental visit. However, it's crucial to consult with your dentist to determine if CEREC crowns are the right option for your specific dental needs.

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