Periodontal Care in Fremont, NE

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is an infection of the gums that’s caused by improper oral hygiene. While there are other contributing factors, poor brushing and flossing habits are the primary cause of this infection. When you don’t care for your mouth properly, bacteria-filled plaque and tartar build up between your gums and your teeth.

Initially, this doesn’t cause many issues. But over time, the infection will get worse, and can even cause permanent tooth loss. If you suspect you have gum disease, you need to get help from Dr. Adam Lamprecht right away. Contact Fremont Family Dentistry to schedule a periodontal exam today, and protect your oral health.

Gum disease

Did you know…

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Untreated gum disease is the #1 cause of tooth loss in American adults and seniors. Protecting your gums is essential for keeping your mouth healthy as you age.

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Recognizing The Symptoms Of Gum Disease

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Discolored and inflamed gums

Swollen, inflamed, and discolored gums are a common sign of gum disease. If your gums don’t look healthy, you may need periodontal care.

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Halitosis (bad breath) is caused by the buildup of bacteria in your mouth. If your breath smells bad even when you brush consistently, you may have gum disease.

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Bleeding, sensitive gums

If your gums bleed a lot when you brush or floss, or they feel tender and sensitive, these are common signs of gum disease.

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Gum Recession

In more serious cases of gum disease, your gum tissue may start to shrink or recede. This makes your teeth look longer, and can also contribute to sensitivity.

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Loose or shifting teeth

The most severe cases of gum disease may lead to shifting and loose teeth, or even total tooth loss. If you think your teeth are moving or you’ve noticed a change in how they fit together, you need to see a Fremont dentist right away.

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What Periodontal Treatments Do You Provide?

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At Fremont Family Dentistry, we offer deep cleaning (scaling & root planing) as the primary method of fighting back against gum disease. This treatment involves two sessions with Dr. Lamprecht. He will clean half of your mouth in each session. 

In a deep cleaning, Dr. Lamprecht will use special tools to clean deeply between your teeth and gums. He will remove bacteria-filled tartar and plaque, which helps control the infection. He will also smooth out the roots of your teeth. This helps remove periodontal “pockets” where bacteria tend to collect.

Along with good at-home oral hygiene and antibiotics, this is usually enough to reverse gingivitis, and get early-stage periodontitis under control. After your treatment, you will need to come back to our office for a few check-ups to make sure your gums are healthy.

Is Periodontal Care Important For Overall Health?

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Gum disease can actually contribute to a wide variety of other health problems. Bacteria from the mouth can enter the rest of your body through the blood vessels in your gums. In turn, this raises inflammation levels and can contribute to your risk of heart disease, stroke, and other negative health outcomes.

Untreated gum disease can also cause lots of pain and discomfort, and result in tooth loss. Tooth loss makes it harder to eat your favorite foods, so maintaining a healthy diet can be more difficult.