Veneers in Fremont, NE

What Are Veneers and How Do They Work?

Veneers are ultra-thin, custom-made shells that are carefully crafted to fit over the front surface of your teeth. They can be made from either porcelain or resin composite materials, and are designed to improve the appearance of your smile.

One of the biggest advantages of veneers is their versatility. They can be used to address a wide range of dental concerns, including discolored, misshapen, or chipped teeth. By covering the front surface of your teeth, veneers can effectively change their shape, size, and color. This means that they can help you achieve the smile of your dreams, regardless of your starting point.

Veneers in Fremont

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Dental veneers have been around since the 1920s and were originally created as a temporary solution for actors in Hollywood.

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Veneers Treatment Process

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During your initial consultation, our dental team will assess your teeth and determine if you’re a suitable candidate for veneers. We'll also discuss your goals and expectations to ensure that veneers are the right option for you.

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Once you decide to move forward with veneers, our team will prepare your teeth for the cosmetic procedure by removing a thin layer of your tooth enamel. We'll then take an impression of your teeth to create custom veneers.

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Once your veneers are ready, we'll place them on your teeth to ensure a perfect fit. We'll then bond them to your teeth using dental cement and cure them using a special light. Finally, we'll make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your veneers look and feel natural.

Benefits of Veneers

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Enhanced Smile Appearance

Veneers can improve the appearance of your smile by correcting imperfections such as discoloration, chips, and gaps. They can also make your teeth appear more symmetrical, giving you a more aesthetically pleasing smile.


Porcelain veneers are highly resistant to staining, making them a great option for those who enjoy consuming food and drinks that can cause discoloration of natural teeth, such as coffee or red wine.

Conservative Treatment

Compared to other cosmetic dental treatments, veneers are a conservative option as they require minimal removal of your natural teeth. This means that your natural teeth are preserved, and the veneers can be removed if needed.

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Veneers are not just for cosmetic purposes? They can also improve the function of your teeth by correcting bite issues and reducing tooth sensivity.


Are Veneers Painful to Get or Wear?

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No, getting or wearing veneers should not be painful. However, you may experience some sensitivity immediately after the procedure, which should subside within a few days.

How Do I Care for My Veneers?

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Caring for your veneers is similar to caring for your natural teeth. You should brush daily at least in the morning and before you sleep, floss every time you brush, and keep up your biannual dentist appointments. At the same time, don’t use your teeth as tools, avoid biting hard objects, and wear a mouthguard if you play sports.

Can I Still Eat and Drink Normally with Veneers?

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Yes, you can eat and drink normally with veneers. However, it's important to avoid biting down on hard objects, as this can damage the veneers. You should also avoid consuming excessive amounts of coffee, tea, and other staining foods and drinks, as this can discolor the veneers over time.

How Much Will I Pay for My Veneers?

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The cost of your veneers will depend on the type of veneers used, the number of veneers required, and the complexity of the procedure. At Fremont Family Dentistry, we offer affordable veneer options to suit every patient's budget.

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Veneers can also help protect your teeth from damage.

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