Did Your Dental Crown Fell Out? Here's What To Do

Dental crowns are a popular choice to fix damaged or weak teeth. These caps are designed to last for years. However, crowns can become loose or even fall out prematurely under certain circumstances. This may include decay of the enamel supporting the crown, adhesive failing, improper fitting, or consuming sticky foods like caramel.

If your dental crown ever falls out, it is crucial to take action quickly. Here are some important steps to follow:

Contact Your Dentist as Soon as Possible

Reaching out to your Fremont dentist as soon as possible should be your first step if your crown falls out. Explain your situation and request an emergency Fremont dental appointment.

You should be able to get the appointment as quickly as possible so that the dentist can examine your crown and decide on the best treatment plan.

Inspect the Crown

Before you attend your emergency appointment, it helps to know if your crown is in a good state. Inspect it to assess the extent of the damage. Depending on the state of the crown, your dentist may need to either reattach or replace it.

Clean the Crown

If your crown is in perfect shape, your dentist may only need to reattach it to your tooth. So you want the crown to be as clean as possible. Clean it off carefully with soap and clean water, and then store it in a plastic bag. Keep it in a safe and easily accessible place, and don’t forget to bring it with you to the dentist.

Protect Your Tooth Until You Get to the Dentist

The purpose of a crown is to protect a tooth that was initially damaged. And when it falls off, you should get emergency dental treatment right away.

But this is not always the case, and sometimes, it can take several hours or even a few days to get an appointment. In the meantime, you want to keep your tooth protected.

Get temporary dental cement from a pharmacy or drugstore and create a protective coating to protect your tender tooth. You can also use wax around the tooth to protect it. Another tip is to avoid chewing on the affected area until the dentist can evaluate the damage and reattach or replace the crown.

Get Your Crown Fixed

When you get your appointment with Dr. Adam Lamprecht, your crown will be fixed as soon as you get to our office. If your crown is still intact, the doctor will reattach it with dental cement. However, if the crown or tooth is damaged, reattachment may not be viable. Dr. Lamprecht will discuss your options for replacement.

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