When Is It Time To Get Dentures?

Dealing with missing teeth? You have a lot of great options that can restore both the look and function of your smile. 

One popular method of getting back a full set of teeth is through dentures. They are essentially dental prosthetics that can replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Modern dentures offer a natural look to your new smile, and the fact that they are also removable makes them also easy to clean and maintain.

If you’re unsure if you should get dentures, here are a few telling signs it may be time to book a denture consultation with Dr. Adam Lamprecht:

1. You Have Multiple Missing Teeth

If you’ve suffered severe tooth loss, dentures might be an effective and affordable solution to replace them.

Full arch dentures are available to cover the entire upper or lower side of the mouth. Even with fewer missing teeth, you can still opt for partial dentures, custom-made to match the rest of your natural teeth.

2. You Are Dealing with Loose or Shifting Teeth

If your teeth feel like they are moving, and you’ve noticed they are shifting, you may be dealing with gum disease. It’s essentially an infection of the gum tissue which destabilizes the health of the entire mouth.

While gum disease can be treated, if left unchecked it can result in permanent damage to your teeth, in which case they may need to be extracted and replaced with dentures.

3. You Have Irreparable Dental Damage

Unfortunately, even with the tools of modern dentistry, some teeth simply cannot be saved. Whether it’s a result of gum disease, infections, severe decay, or knocked-out teeth, dealing with irreparable dental damage is not uncommon.

Dentures may be a viable option to restore your smile even after it’s been damaged.

4. You Are Dealing with Frequent Stomach Problems

A huge role your teeth play in your daily life is helping you chew your food properly. People dealing with missing teeth may have more difficulties with this and end up swallowing partially chewed food.

This may not seem like a huge problem, but over time it can lead to stomach issues. Essentially, when you don’t chew your food properly, your stomach has to work more to break down the particles and digest the items.

5. You Are Self-Conscious About Your Smile

Medical or dental concerns are not the only reasons to get dentures. You may simply want to get them to feel better about your appearance, which is perfectly fine! Dentures can help you feel more confident and offer a natural look.

No matter why you need dentures, Dr. Adam Lamprecht can help you find out if they’re the right solution for you or provide you with expert recommendations to restore the health and look of your smile.

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