Why Teeth Whitening Is Best Done At The Dentist

Want to get a picture-perfect white smile? A cosmetic dentist can offer you the best results!

But these days, people have a lot more options for whitening their teeth. Over-the-counter kits and gels promise great results at lower costs and more convenience. 

If you’re tempted to use these types of whitening products, put your plans on pause and read this short article first.

How Does Teeth Whitening Actually Work? 

Most teeth whitening products will use a special solution with some kind of bleaching agent in their makeup, such as peroxide or some form of it. 

These solutions or gels need to make direct contact with your teeth. Once they do, they start breaking down the particles of the stain from the surface of your teeth and lifting a few shades. The more stained and discolored teeth are, the more sessions patients need to get great results.

Why you shouldn’t use over-the-counter whitening kits 

There is a myriad of downsides to OTC whitening strips, gels, or kits: 

  • Oral health risk: It’s fair to say most patients don’t carefully Google every single ingredient in OTC whitening solutions. That can be a problem since you don’t really know what’s in them or in what concentrations. You may risk irritating your gums or weakening tooth enamel.
  • Uneven results: Most teeth aren’t uniformly stained or discolored. Applying a strip or whitening gel without taking this into account could lead to uneven results. Some teeth can end up brighter than others.
  • Whitening degrees: Even if you find a high-quality and safe OTC product, it is usually milder than the whitening solutions at a dentist’s office. Their whitening abilities are reduced, and results usually don't last.
  • Product misuse: People tend to keep these strips or gels on for longer than recommended or do multiple sessions back-to-back for better results. This increases the risk of damage even further.
  • Fake products: You can also find "natural" whitening solutions that, while expensive, will likely not do everything for your tooth color. 

Why a Cosmetic Dentist in Fremont Is Your Best Chance at a Whiter Smile 

Professional tooth whitening is a safe and effective way to get a brighter smile. Dr. Lamprecht carefully designs your whitening sessions by taking into account anything from your current smile shade to your overall oral health. 

And if you’re worried you won’t have time for professional teeth-whitening treatments, don’t be! Apart from in-office sessions, you can also get at-home kits with personalized trays and treatment plans to suit your needs. 

Teeth Whitening at Fremont Family Dentistry 

Dr. Adam Lamprecht is a cosmetic dentist in Fremont who can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted through whitening and other great (and perfectly safe) cosmetic dental solutions. 

Find out your options by scheduling a consultation at Fremont Family Dentistry online, or call our office at (402) 721-0488 for more information.

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